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It seems that miracles can occur any time, any place, anywhere.  Sometimes when we're looking for one, it may elude us.  But then other times, in the midst of what seems to be the least likely time, one may appear.  During the past several months, they seemed to pop up for me at various times.

During a very challenging time, when my faith seemed tested to the max, out of nowhere I received a miracle.  I was so grateful that for the days and weeks following, I kept expressing my gratitude, appreciation, and wonder for this gift from the universe.  Then another one occurred, once again out of the blue. I had some plans that had to be made and it seemed that the more I simply trusted and let go, the more things fell into place.  However, if what I planned didn't seem to be what was best for me and I just 'let go', trusting that something better would take its place, sure enough it did.  Then the pieces seemed to magically fall into place and once again help arrived out of the least likely places.



A friend of mine said we must always stop and make time for special occasions and celebrate holidays for then we are creating 'happy' memories that can tide us over for the bad or sad times - wise words, indeed.  So once again, what are you doing to create those moments of simple joy or happy times that can, in the future, 'lighten' the burdens that we all must eventually face: death of our loved ones, health issues, financial challenges, and so forth. 

So isn't it about time to decide and choose right now, in this very moment, to be good to yourself by creating those moments in your life that will bring joy, peace, or happiness to your Spirit?  Ones which will then naturally ripple out and affect all you encounter - a true win-win situation.  Remember to be in a continuous state of 'receptivity' for all that the Universe has to offer - a truly amazing, boundless energy available to us all.

As always,
May your heart expand to recognize and appreciate all the wonderful people, other Souls, and
incredible blessings you have in your life and whenever possible, may you share
with others less fortunate . . . 

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Reiki World Peace Card Meditations

Being a Reiki Master/Teacher, I feel very strongly about the effects of this beautiful and powerful modality, and know that the energies can transform our world, one person at a time.  Many people
were initially triggered by Reiki energy when they received attunements and went on to open up to many more of their healing and spiritual gifts. 

While some believe other modalities have more power, I believe they're all just individual frequencies of energies, each having its own, unique vibration, and relating differently to each person.
The International Center for Reiki Training in Michigan offers wonderful, global world peace meditations each month. 

World Peace Card Meditations

Wednesday, Aug 17, 2016

Please see previous monthly messages for additional information.


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 August Celebrations

U.S. Coast Guard Day, 08-04-16

Friendship Day, 08-07-16 (1st Sunday)

Friendship Day, 08-07-16 (1st  Sunday)

 International Forgiveness Day, 08-07-16 (1st Sunday)

National Lighthouse Day, 08-07-16

Sisters Day, 08-07-16 (1st Sunday)

Book Lover's Day, 08-09-16

V-J Day, 08-14/15

Aviation Day, 08-19-16

 National Radio Day, 08-20-16

Senior Citizen's Day, 08-21-16

 Be an Angel Day, 08-22-16

26 National Dog Day

26 Women's Equality Day

27 Global Forgiveness Day

  • National Simplify your Life Week, Week 1
    National Smile Week, Week 2
    Friendship Week, Week 3
    Be Kind to Humankind Week, Week 4
  • National Eye Exam Month
    Romance Awareness Month
    Water Quality Month

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     " No matter how hard the past,  
    You can always begin again."


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    Bumper sticker: "One Planet, One Love, One Heart, One People, One Destiny, One Peace" 

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    Lunar News 
    New Moon:  August 02 (Leo)

    Full Moon:  August 18 (Aquarius)

    "Full Sturegon Moon, Full Red Moon, Green Corn Moon or Grain Moon"

    (Dates are for US and may vary by a day elsewhere.)

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    Skywatch Lovers

    Look for the Perseid meteor showers to peak August 09-13, 2016.
    Discover the cosmos!       

    Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.


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