Karn has been studying, exploring, and teaching spiritual insights, universal principles, and healing concepts since the early 1980's.

She has facilitated thousands of sessions for an international clientele and has taught in both the U.S. and Canada. 

She is a Presenter, Trainer, Writer, Energy Facilitator, certified Intuitive Counselor and certified Reiki Master-Teacher.

She works with energy intuitively as an acute 'sensitive' since birth utilizing a combination of healing modalities to effect change and transformation in her clients. 

Her speciality is conducting enlightenment sessions in which she reads the Akashic Records and takes you on a journey to meet the loving divine energies which surround you.  They then identify and release the emotional energies still stored in cellular memory.

Her greatest joy is helping her clients strengthen their connections to their own guidance and facilitating the remembrance of themselves as beautiful and powerful divine beings. 


She studied with some wonderful teachers and groups involved in healing, spiritual studies, and metaphysical practicies over the years which included: 

  • exploring spiritual growth and shamanic beliefs;
  • connecting with divine angelic energies and past lives;
  • accelerating universal channeling and intuitive abilities; 
  • studying the rich spiritual practices of various indigeous cultures; &
  • developing a greater awareness of esoteric metaphysical principles.     

As part of her quest to find a greater understanding of truth and spirituality overall, she has also studied and explored religion, alchemy, astrology, the paranormal, numerology, and sacred geometry. 

Since her traditional educational background included a Master's degree in International Management (which focused on a cross-cultural understanding of customs, behaviors, and languages), her international business travels always seemed to be perfectly 'orchestrated' and led to wonderful spiritual synchronicities such as:

  • meeting an Aromatherapist in Japan while having to detour due to a typhoon,
  • staying on the only street in The Hague, Netherlands, where there was a metaphysical store, or
  • conducting business negotiations in Canada across from someone who would invite her to teach there.

She feels she has been on a spiritual-nomadic journey for many years, alternating between doing business projects while continuing her passions of teaching and writing. 

               May blessings light your path.    


If you would like additional information, please contact me by email @ info@energyofenlightenment.com.  Thank you.  Namaste.


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